About Us

  If you're into Kramer, Fender, Schecter, Rickenbacker (more like if you're into Townshend, Eddie, Lennon, Sambora, Clapton, Lynch, Mars -both Mick and Johnny, and Cobain), then you came to the right place!!

  The year was 1980 and the music scene was dynamic, to say the least. The Bee Gees and ABBA were on the decline and The Clash was about to release their finest album yet, London Calling. Perhaps Townshend summed it up best when he penned, (goodbye) Sister Disco. Eddie and Diamond Dave were still rockin' together and it was also the year that John was taken from us. Who could have thought that the decade would end with spandex and big hair heavy metal bands?

  The guitar scene was also rapidly changing. The previous year saw the release of the Stratocaster's 25th Silver Anniversary model, and in a couple more years Fender would launch their JV Series and Elite models in the U.S. with onboard active electronics. Kramer was replacing their aluminum necks, which had been their hallmark for years, with traditional wood. The Pacer, both the guitar and the car (remember those?), was about to be unleashed on to the American market.


  It was in this spirit that the seeds for our shop were first planted. It is our commitment to offer the guitars that made it a great era, at the best price. We pride ourselves on our personal customer service and we answer, or at least try to answer, every e-mail that comes in. If there is anything in particular that you are looking for, drop us a line, if we dont have it in stock we'll do our best to find it for you.


We use Express Shipping which takes only a few days for your package to arrive at your front door after it is sent from our warehouse (they even deliver on Sundays!). In most cases, we can have your tracking number ready for you within 12 hours after payment is confirmed and your package will be carefully wrapped and on its way within 24.

  Thanks for checking out our web store. We look forward to serving you.

Rock is dead they say?

Long Live Rock!!