> Vintage Kramer Nightswan Lightbolt 1980's - Gold Hardware
Vintage Kramer Nightswan Lightbolt 1980's - Gold Hardware

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Free Shipping included with guitar. Here is a Kramer Nightswan Lightning Bolt from the 1980's. This Nightswan was made by ESP (Kramer Japan) and has never left Japan. Featured is a Gotoh tremolo in gold, Gotoh locking tuners, humbucker/humbucker pickup configuration, Schaller strap locks, hard case (made by Triumph), and a genuine vintage Kramer strap from the 1980s included with this guitar. All hardware is gold. The middle humbucker is a JB-style pickup, and the bridge is a Full Shred-style pickup - BOTH of these pickups are made by ESP (Kramer Japan) and are native to the guitar. Fret wear is minimal, and the neck is straight. The truss rod is fully operational. As the pictures show, the headstock tip has been repaired, and two holes are near the control area. There are some minor blemishes, as shown in the pics. If you're looking for a classic vintage Kramer Nightswan from the 1980s, this guitar is for you.