What our customers had to say:

Where did you get that body? That paint job looks almost as good as the original. I happen to be in posession of the Original Blaze VC Shredder-1 that the Nightswan was modeled after. Good Luck!

Buddy Blaze*

*Legendary Designer of the Original Kramer Nightswan Guitar (editor's note)

Buddy Blaze/ Texas, USA

Tommy, thanks for the Kramer Purple Burst with Maple Bananahead. I'm totally stoked!

Mike W./USA (

Thanks Tommy! I received the guitar yesterday on my Birthday in the A.M. I love
it! Thanks so much for all your efforts.

Jamie King Colton

Jamie King Colton/ USA (Guitar player for Little Richard)

I bought a 90 Model Made in Japan Clapton copy. Its a great guitar Im very happy with the service and the product. Shipping was very fast also and great communication. Looking forward to doing more business. Thanks.

Ralph/ USA

Bought a SWEET '52 reissue....20 years old, and it looks brand new!.....Excellent communication,and truly a pleasure to deal with...Thanks for the Tele, Tommy! You ROCK.....Long live Keith Richards!!!!!!!!

Doug K./ USA

Great guitar, great service. Ill be back

Roger/ Sweden

Thank you,
You are the MAN. You come though again .

Once again thanks!

Jeff T./ NYC

Perfect neck!Truly a beauty! It was a pleasure doing business with you and i'm definitely going to order from you guys again!No problems here and perfect transaction! Keep In Touch!

Mike C./ NYC

Gotta love those '80s guitars! They take me back to my younger days. This guy is THE BEST! Hope to do business again in the future. Thanks again!

PRSman/ Denver, CO USA

Thanks for your expertise and kindness and efficiency and trustworthiness etc which leaves me speechless (almost). From now on Tommy is my only guitar source. From Hawaii

John/ Hawaii, USA

Great service and fast shipping!!! A place you can trust to deliver. Thanks a million.

Greg/ USA

This dude is like one cool cat mon ! He delivers !!

Robert/ New Zealand

Very happy with the guitar he sent to me.
All perfect. You can trust in him. Nice man.

Jose Manuel/ Spain

Good on you guys, finaly a page where I can go back to my best years...thanx heaps for nostalgic memories of times when hairs were big, guitars killed breakdance and guitars were made by people who realy lived and played in the fast
"guitar" lane. If you ever come across all black Kramer Pacer Carerra, as played by S. Stevens in those years, drop me a line.
Keep rocking, Dave

Dave/ Australia

The guitar arrived safe and sound..........ahhh what an axe!! It's got maximum Mojo!

Thanks for your excellent service all the way through and super quick delivery.

I can't sing your praises enough.

John/ U.K.

Why didn´t you tell me you would send such an awesome nice guitar?! I just took her out and tuned to somewhere, and even though I havent adjusted it to my liking yet, it feels really awesome. I think it inspire to my music as well, because I love guitars that have stories to tell. I am really really glad with everything: the service, the nice conversation via email, everything. Thanks.

'Metal Master' Kai/ Germany

Hi Tommy! The Clapton Strat is here in my hands! It plays and sounds great!! I've just plugged it to my pod xt live pedalboard and....WONDERFUL TONIGHT IS THERE!!!!! It's also nice to play DIRE STRAITS and PINK FLOYD stuff!!!! Thank you!

Marco/ Italy

"Micawber" arrived on Saturday morning!

This is indeed a fantastic guitar, and a terrific value -- I think I'll come
to agree with what I've read: that Fender Japan's instruments are of at
least equal quality to their American counterparts, and probably superior.
It was great to see Keef himself banging on his at the Super Bowl halftime
last night! Thanks!

Scott/ Florida, USA

Hi Tommy, thanks, the guitar is great. It arrived undamaged, and is wonderfully playable. I'm just planning to change the pickups for similar ones but less powerful when in front of a big amp.

Stephane/ France

Hi Tommy,

Just to let you know the JV arrived safely at my house yesterday. I unwrapped it, changed the strings, raised the action, set the intonation and plugged in. WOW! It's a really good one, must have played for a good couple of hours and it flew by. I had a gig last night and played it all night, what a sound, even my wife commented on how great it sounded (she's the singer by the way).

It's been a pleasure doing businesss with you, I'm more than extremely pleased with the guitar and can easily see this becoming my no.1.
Thank you very much.

Ron/ UK

hello, As of today (4/6/06) the guitar body arrived, it's in great shape. thanks alot. Just let me know when your shop has been moved so that i can order the neck.

Tony/ US

Tommy san,

I've receive the EVH-5150 made by ESP this morning. It's in very nice condition. Thank you very much!!

Nobu/ Tokyo, Japan

The battered blonde Telecaster plays really nicely. Currently waiting to fit
a neck to the black Telecaster Custom body. Thanks.

Francoise Yves/ France

Hey Tommy, the neck arrived today. I'm very pleased, indeed. Thanks again for all your help (and patience!) on this one.

Hope to do more business with you soon. Best regards.

Andy/ UK


I got the guitar on Tuesday, forgot to drop you a note.

It plays wonderfully, better than I expected. I dropped a Seymour Duncan Custom in it and an extra Original Floyd I had and it sounds and plays no different than any of my American made ones. And it looks beautiful.

Thanks again for everything and I'll make sure and spread the word about your store!

Brett/ USA


YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff / USA (return customer)

Hi Tommy,
I received The Kramer body today, it is a great body thanks!!

Bjorn/ Sweden

Hallo Tommy,

Guitar ('52 Telecaster Squire) arrived this morning - lot quicker than I was expecting!

Nice example. Well described in your notes. Like it. Very happy.

John/ UK

Hi Tommy,

325 arrived yesterday afternoon in fine shape! Nice guitar. The 3/4 neck is a new experience, but so far so good!
Talk to you later.

Jim/ USA

Hey Tommy,

this is so cool!

The guitar arrived today, taking no longer than three days from the US to my door, and that included a Sunday! I couldn’t send a small package to the next city and rely on it arriving so fast, German post (DHL that is) really sucks… I happily paid the Fedex-fee, especially since they delivered straight to my door (with USPS I usually have to pick up guitars at the customs office, and there they keep it locked in for a week before they even notify me, and then they want to see my eBay transaction printouts…).

In short: Amazing! The guitar arrived save and sound, was very well packed (even if the box looked a bit improvised…), and what’s the coolest - the guitar itself: Plays great, sounds great, I absolutely love it!!!

David/ Germany

Hi Tommy. Got the neck today - its awesome! Its a perfect fit, slapped it right on there with no problem! It looks great. Thanks also for the claw screws, I was able to also put the floyd on. I have one more bit of soldering to do, then I string her up, see how she sounds, and send you a pic. Also, thanks for the little screw for the other guitar - I really appreciate it.

I also love the t-shirt, I'm wearing it now, and will continue to wear it proudly.

Gale/ USA

Hello Tommy,
I just received the guitar! Very well protected!
Thanks for all, I will keep an eye in your sales!!
Best regards,

Jerome/ France

Hi Tommy,

The guitar arrived safely. Thank you very much.
The guitar so good. I'm very satisfied with it.


Satoshi/ Tottori, Japan

Hi Tommy, got the guitar, that was FAST !!!!! Hey what is this
beast, I have never seen one like it before, stock tremolo two HB and I guess it
had some kind of lock up at the nut, plays great, real chimey, I love it !!

Gary/ USA

Tommy, just wanted to to let you know i got the guitar today. Thank you very much. It looks and plays great. I just finished setteing the intonation. I am very pleased with it. Quite honestly I cant tell much difference from the real thing (Rickenback Lennon 325 copy). Again thank you. I'll talk with you later. Rock On!

Gary/ USA

Hi Tommy,
I got the Baretta I home today and it's super so I wanted to thank you.


Michael/ USA

Hi There ,
Love that ESP telecaster you sold me , the best tele j ever had !
Joyeuses Fetes !1

Louis/ France

I got the Greco Ricky 325 copy Saturday. It's awesome, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for a great deal and fast shipping and great service.

Eric/ USA

Hi Tommy,
just letting you know that everything was recieved and of expected quality, thank you very much.

Aaron/ Tokyo


Just wanted ya ta know, the guitar arrived today in perfect shape. So very cool. Got her setup easy as pie, only got ta play with it for a bit. Just wanted ya to know that I'm very happy with it.

Thanks again
We're gonna do this again!

Chris/ USA

Hi Tommy,

Sorry ive not let you know before.. The stagemaster
got here just before christmas.. Well happy & thanks
for the T shirt. Apologies for not letting you know sooner, had one of

Speak to you soon

Steve/ UK

I got the Malmsteen body. It is cool as hell. Thank you for the great responsiveness and quick shipping. This was a great deal and I am very happy to have found you guys.

Please let me know if you get any cool bodies or necks, especially reliced stuff.

Much appreciated my friend.

Christian/ USA

Hi! Got my Stagemaster Deluxe today, awesome looking guitar.

Thanks for a nice axe!

Jouni/ Sweden

Hello Tommy!

I thankfully received the Kramer. Man, THAT's a beauty!
I'm going to add a Seymour Duncan JB. Thanks + best wishes

Jan/ Germany

Hello Tommy,

How's it going? I got that Telecaster today in fine shape. It made it!
Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Best regards

Chris/ Detroit (Rock City), USA

Hi, got the guitar today and i love it. Does the company that makes this one make others as well? Do you have any others? I think the copys play real good, as good as the real ones. Do you get different guitars from time to time?

Paul/ USA

Hello Chaps,

The guitar came this morning (JV Stratocaster), and I'm very, very happy with it, so thanks very much.

Iain/ UK


Guitar arrived safely and I'm thrilled! Thanks for your professional help, I'll be keeping an eye on your website for a Nightswan neck in the future. Let me know if you come across one.



Jonathan/ UK

Hi Tommy,

You'll be glad to know the Proaxe arrived safely on Thursday (it took 3 days from Japan to the UK, then sat in a sorting office in Coventry for 3 days...).

I have to tell you that now it's ready it plays beautifully. Thanks for the great service and I'll be wearing my Tommy Guitars t-shirt with pride.



Neil/ UK


Got the guitar yesterday evening. Once I got it tuned up ( phreaking floyd rose! :), I was rocking my living room into the wee hours. Thanks ever so much, I love the Kramer. We love the shirts also.

Greg/ USA

Hi Tommy,

I received the guitar yesterday.. I am very pleased and happy, I like the Strat more and pretending to be Eric Clapton...and the 62 tele, it's a bit beat up and I like the relic feel and it took me back to old days to meet rockability twang twang age.. it's all good. Thanks a lot for everything.

Jeff/ USA

My guitar arrived yesterday, after 24 hours in customs.
Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for it.

Donald/ USA


Thank you very much and I need to tell you what a pleasure it has been dealing with you. I look forward to our next transaction.

Regards, Bob

Bob/ USA

Hola Tomas,

The guitar is at home since this morning. It´s a rock axe! Light weight and wonderful neck. Thanks again for that cool t-shirt.
I didn't have to pay any customs.

I hope to keep in touch with you for new business in the future.

Best regards from Valladolid.

Rafael/ Spain

Hi Tommy,

The Kramer arrrived at the depot yesterday and I
collected it prompty:) It is fantastic, the neck is
wonderful and with a little safe-cut, I managed to
clean the paint work, it is a lovely vintage white! I
cannot wait to find the tuners for the guitar as I am
eager to play it. The reverse banana headstock is awe
inspiring, the guitar is great! Thank you for all the

Robert/ UK


I received the Lennon 325 yesterday and wanted to let you
know it is just as you described. Very nice conversion, excellent
playability and sound. I have many many Ricks and this one is already
one of my favorites.

Thanks again,
PS I check your page every day!

Carmen/ USA

Hi Tommy,
  The guitar arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.
  Thanks again for everything, from holding it for me to taking such care with the packaging. Thanks also for the book; I'm looking forward to reading it.
 I've bought a lot of stuff in my life, but I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed a transaction as much as this one. If you ever find yourself in Edmonton, let me know; we'll go for dinner and a beer or three.



David/ Canada

Hola Tomas,
The guitar is at home since this morning.  It´s a rock axe. Light weight and wonderful neck.
Thanks again for that cool t-shirt.
I hope  to keep in touch with you for new business in the future.
Best regards from Valladolid

Rafael/ Spain

Hello Tommy,

I've got the guitar already! Now, for sure Im so happy!
This guitar is so beauitful, great sound, and the best..she plays by herself ;-)
A masterpice of a guitar.(Kramer George Lynch Purple Tiger). Its all fine, nothing broken! Thanks!

Thorsten/ Germany

Hello Tommy,

I received the Neck today and I am very pleased, thank you. I will get to work on it and send you picture for your site! Please keep me in mind if you come across real Kramer stuff, not Gibson reissues crap. Also, I didn't realize you where in Japan . If you're ever near Wisconsin, I owe you a dinner!!

Nick/ USA


GOT THE GUITAR YESTERDAY....6th string removed and im
keefing away like you wouldnt believe! :)

THANKS SO MUCH..i am so pleased with it...NOBODY in my
neck of Pennsylvania has one of these and when they
see it out in the clubs doing stones covers they will
be soo amazed!! :)

Blythe/ USA

Holy crap... the USPS guy just showed up to drop off the about fast. Why can't UPS and FedEx get it done like EMS? Thanks for a super transaction all the way around, you guys are awesome and I'll definitely give you recommendations on the forums. Take care man!

Nick/ USA

Its awesome.  I took pics and showed it off on the Kramer Forum.

It kills me not to be able to hear it yet, but I'll find the pickups.  Its just a great old Pacer.

Thanks again Tom!!

Gale (Return Customer)

Gale/ USA (Return Customer)

Hi Tommy,
The pickup works.  I'll install it in my Tele next week or so.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Take Care, Bob

Bob/ USA

Hi Tommy.

The pickups have arrived, thank you so much for your fast trade.



Gabi/ Spain

Hi Tommy,

Swift like an arrow.
Bridge arrived today.
Thanks a lot.
See you.
Best, Chris

Chris/ Germany

I received the Kramer Purple Burst today!
All I can say is WOW!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect job on all areas of customer service.

All the best,


Mike/ USA

Hi Tommy!

I received the Fender neck yesterday, and all I have to say is : WOW !!!

It's in perfect condition, really like new, and it fits perfectly my American Fender body !!

It has not been damaged during the shipping, and it was well packed !

Thank you for this GREAT deal, and I'll have a look regularly on your store !

Thank you again and kind regards from France.


Chris/ France

Hi !
Got the guitar yesterday, and i'm happy !  A very resonant guitar and the radius suits me just fine. I will be using this guitar a lot. I'm heading for the studio soon with my band and i'm sure i will use this on a couple of tracks. I can't believe how much better this guitar is than the recent Fender USA models i've been playing. Thanks for being so helpful, and maybe i'll be back to buy more later on.
Best Regards,


Reino/ Norway

Thank you Tommy!
I have receive my Fender Jaco Pastorius Bass this morning!
I am very happy to get this bass from a so far country that I love so much!
I have played twice on tour around Japan several years ago...The Love was here...

Didier/ France

Tommy, the guitar arrived this afternoon and I couldn’t be happier with it!  It’s a beauty – in absolutely amazing condition -- and I can’t wait to get it home and plug it in!  Also, you did a fantastic job packing it for travel (I was holding my breath while it was in transit), and I really appreciate the free gig bag – what a great surprise!
Thanks once again for making this a great shopping experience.  I’m looking forward to doing business with you again (probably next year around this time).

Emanuel/ USA

Hey Tommy
Well, as usual everything arrived in tip-top shape. Thanks for everything.

Tony/ USA (Return Customer)

Hello Tommy,

Excellent customer treatment here!!! It is rare these days I must
say...but you have a good name at the Kramercommunity ;)

Coming back on your remark for parts, if you would happen to have a
matching locking nut and maybe some neckmount screws, that would be
absolutely smashing!

I leave it up to your good judgement, Michel

Michel/ USA