> Buddy Blaze K2 Handmade in USA White Brand New Floyd
Buddy Blaze K2 Handmade in USA White Brand New Floyd

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Hello. Up for auction is a brand new beautiful Buddy Blaze K2 in white. This guitar was handmade by Buddy Blaze in Hawaii, USA and has his signature on the back of the headstock. The guitar features a Floyd Rose, Grover tuners and Full Shred style humbucker in the bridge position. The plastic films are still on the back plate and on the pickup, as shown in the pictures. The serial number is BB08G061 stamped on the base of the neck. This guitar is unplayed and has been in our warehouse since it first came into the shop years ago.

For some customers who are unfamiliar with Blaze's work, he is the designer of Kramer's best selling (and most wanted!) electric guitar: The Nightswan. If you've never played a Kramer, what makes the Nightswan so special is its low action and incredible neck feel. He also worked on 'Dimebag Darrell's' Dean from Hell guitar which was a design years ahead of its time. Buddy now has his own line of guitars, which we're proud to offer, that are hand-made in the USA (Hawaii). He also makes guitars for Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard and other 'high profile' artists. If you're looking for a hand-made professional grade guitar that is still affordable, Blaze is the first word in fine stringed instruments. No kidding.